Friday, June 21, 2019

Podcasts for Preaching: the premise

I listen to podcasts pretty often, mostly when doing the dishes or laundry or in the shower or right before bed. I strongly prefer podcasts that aren't directly related to what I do for work, and I love podcasts that expand on what I already know and push me out into that zone of proximal development where I can learn new things and start to see and think about the world differently. While I'm listening to podcasts like this, I often do make connections to what I do for work, which is serve as a pastor at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest.  The podcasts I listen to form me and inform my pastoring in many ways, including my preaching ... but when I'm listening while I'm doing laundry or the dishes, I usually think "Oh! I should remember that!" and then it enters into that blurry hazy memory zone where all podcasts, and all sermon ideas, inevitably run together.

My hope is that, once this blog is up and running, it'll be a really convenient spot for me to record, keep and share ideas for connections between what I'm listening to and the texts my clergy colleagues and I live and wrestle with. It'll be haphazard at first and not tied to the Revised Common Lectionary, but hopefully with tagging and the blog search function it might end up being a useful sermon prep tool at some point, too.

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